Premium & Professional WordPress Themes

There are a lot of WordPress themes out there, so what makes Choice Themes so great? With a focus on understanding how people interact with websites, software and games — and a constant thirst for understanding the newest in web standards, practices & technology — we do more than make pretty websites. Anyone with Photoshop can figure out how to make a design look good if given enough time. Choice Themes' developers focus on usability first; understanding what it is we're trying to accomplish with a particular theme or website and then we obsess over the smallest details until we acheive the pixel-perfect look you've come to expect from us.

All of our themes use semantic, standards-compliant and browser tested code. We also include all source files (PSD's included) for your to modify and customize. Need help customizing? We're happy to help!

WordPress Hosting and more

Remember what it was like before you had a website, when you could sleep at night without worrying if your site was down? Us too.

Then we were turned on to NetworkRedux, and were able to again breathe a sigh of relief. They're competatively priced, provide excellent service and support, and more importantly; We can sleep at night. We promote them because we trust them. You should too.

Themes you can touch

We're all about using textures and techniques to create elements that sit just beyond your reach. Glass, leather, steel, rubber; these are the materials we build our themes with, highlighted with realistic lighting and shadows.

Sometimes though, you need a simple site and a simple design; We do that too.

A group you can depend on

Choice Themes started out (then as a way to display a couple themes one guy developed to give back to the WordPress community he had gotten so much from. Since then we've received countless WordPress Theme awards, been featured on hundreds of best-of theme lists and had the opportunity to work with some great online publications including industry-leader Smashing Magazine — and we couldn't be more grateful. So, we're just going to kep on doing more of the same: Producing great themes, working hard and enjoying life!

What was once just a place to get a couple slick themes has grown into what is the last stop for many still searching for quality professional WordPress themes and custom WordPress theme development.

Freedom as in "Free Beer"

We offer both kinds of Free.

Free Beer: Sometimes we get done with a theme and think it's just too cool not to give away, and that's just what we do. In fact, we have more free premium themes than we have paid premium themes.

Freedom: We don't hold anything back here. You download all the files we use to make themes we have here. Technically, we give you more files; just to make customizing easy for you!

More than just a name

The idea behind Choice Themes is as the name implies: to give you choice, in as many wasy possible.

For many of our themes we include several color options, which is controlled by our choiceCP. The choiceCP, or Choice Control Panel, is the admin panel that comes with every Choice Theme*.

Finally, we give you the option to download a free theme, purchase a paid theme or get one custom made!

*Not all legacy themes from bustatheme have choiceCP

Service with a boot

We're all about giving your site a kick in the right direction, whatever that direction may or may not be. If we don't have a theme that suits your needs, we'll build one.

We know everyone who's anyone in the theme industry, and we know what themes they offer. If you need something we don't have, and we know someone else who already has it, we'll put you in touch. No funny business, just great service.

Need something unrelated to WordPress? We do that too. Check out our full list of clients, projects & services at Fossil Studio.

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