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There are a lot of WordPress themes out there, so what makes Choice Themes so great? With a focus on understanding how people interact with websites, software and games — and a constant thirst for understanding the newest in web standards, practices & technology — we do more than make pretty websites. Anyone with Photoshop can figure out how to make a design look good if given enough time. Choice Themes' developers focus on usability first; understanding what it is we're trying to accomplish with a particular theme or website and then we obsess over the smallest details until we acheive the pixel-perfect look you've come to expect from us.

All of our themes use semantic, standards-compliant and browser tested code. We also include all source files (PSD's included) for your to modify and customize. Need help customizing? We're happy to help!

“Turning wp theming on it's head”

Congratulations, Greg – I wish you all the best. In fact, I'm just plain proud and excited for you.

Your debut themes turned wp theming on it's head with innovative design and rocking enthusiasm from a designer who really listened to his users. This newest reflects both that enthusiasm and listening more than I've seen from any other designer.

— Colleen

“Simply amazing”

WOW Greg! This theme is simply amazing! I got the email announcing it, got excited, went straight to the site and purchased, then went back and read about the features lol.

Thanks so much for this theme and the great price tag on this, I would have eagerly paid more to get this, your work as always kicks arse!

— Dave

“25th Century Theme”

I have seen Themes, and I have seen themes — but up until now — I had never truly seen a REAL THEME ! This is not only the MOST PERFECT-ed theme ever created , it is also soooo far ahead of its time -it can be classified 25th Century . KUDOS

— Mia

ChoiceThemes highlights for premium themes

Compatable with all major browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9 & popular mobile platforms.
Always compatable with the latest version of WordPress, and always comes with documentation.
Valid sematic markup, utilizing graceful degradation and progressive enhancement. Afterall, I am a member of the W3C
All ChoiceThemes include easy-to-edit image files and fully layered PSD's (the same ones used to create the themes).
Direct communication with me, the theme author along with access to the premium forum for peer-to-peer discussion, tips & tricks.
We're exclusive. We're not a theme club with unlimited access. You won't find our premium themes on thousands of other sites.

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